History of GMC

The school was originally called Middle Georgia Military and Agricultural College and was ceded state government lands surrounding the Old Capitol Building, which was the seat of government for the State of Georgia from 1807-1868. The Old Capitol Building, then as now, is central feature of the Milledgeville, Georgia campus and sits on the city’s highest point.

The name of the school was changed to Georgia Military College in 1900. Legislative acts of 1920 and 1922 severed the relationship with the University of Georgia and gave a local Board total power over the operations of the school.

In 1930 the official addition of a junior college division to the College-preparatory secondary school finally justified its name. In 1950 the War Department designated the institution a “Military Junior College.” Today Georgia Military College is one of only five United States Military Junior Colleges.

The Georgia Military College of today is made up of a two-year liberal arts multi-campus junior college and a preparatory school (grades 3-12). The college is a co-educational public institution operating under the direction of a publicly elected Board of Trustees.