Most often it is observations and comments of others that make you feel that you are watching or reading about a “Character Moment.”   I heard a similar story to this when we first moved here this summer, and now again, I just read about it in our paper.   The following account, taken from a “Union Recorder-Letter to the Editor” leaves you feeling as though you were watching a GMC “Character Moment” reveal itself. This account provides us with one more reason to be proud of our students, teachers, and school.

“The Union Recorder”, Milledgeville, GA, Wednesday, November 13, 2013.

Citizen extends thanks for respectful display

On Tuesday, Nov 5, I was a part of a funeral procession traveling on South Elbert St. en route to the veteran’s cemetery.  As we passed by GMC, I was deeply moved by what I saw.  Most, if not all of the GMC students, while waiting for the procession to pass so they could cross the street, came to attention and saluted!  THAT is the kind of respect lacking in too many of today’s youth.  It so happened that the deceased was a veteran, having served as an Army Airborne Ranger and also in the Air Force.  The students had no way to know that, but what they DID know was that a show of respect was in order, and that’s what they did.

To those students, a heartfelt thanks from my wife and me and from the family of the deceased.  Your show of respect was exemplary.  To the administration and faculty of GMC, thank you for instilling that respect in the cadets.

As the parent of a GMC HS 2004 graduate, I can say to parents that GMC is an excellent investment in your children’s future.  Through the foundation acquired at GMC, our daughter did very well in college and is now enjoying a successful career.  An education at GMC is money well spent.

Again, thank you to those GMC students for a very moving show of respect for a very dear friend, Mr. James Lamar (Jim) Smith.

Steve Avant


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