Monthly Archives: August 2020

A Special Thanks to Teachers

Choose any successful person, and I guarantee you they can name a list of teachers who made it all possible. 

Every great teacher invests considerable time and effort transforming the classroom into the best learning environment for students. Oftentimes with their own personal resources, teachers devise and create a visual environment to engage learning without being distracting. Teachers have an innate ability to know when to push students and when to tread gently. Teachers possess a sixth sense identifying changes in a student’s personality which may point to problems outside the classroom. Every day, teachers commit hours of preparation and summon extraordinary energy to capture and sustain student interest and attention. 

Without in-class experience, students lose much of what makes an outstanding education powerful and lasting. Students lose the availability of face-to-face learning to capture the imagination and to inspire. Lives are changed in classrooms every day, and when schools close their doors to young people, we all lose something — as a community, as an institution and as a nation. Students truly need their teachers. 

Venturing back out into the world in this time of Coronavirus is frightening. Teachers are being asked to be front-line workers, and to those who have accepted the challenge and chosen to reenter the classroom this week, we all offer our sincerest thanks. Your commitment to students and their education as well as your courage to step into the world are inspiring. 

I want you to know Georgia Military College will have your back every step of the way.  

In addition to the precautionary policies and technology we’ve already implemented, we will continue to maintain constant vigilance. As information and knowledge of this virus evolves, our policies and procedures will evolve accordingly. 

Our job each day is to provide our students with the best possible education we can, in the safest possible environment. We are confident we can strike that balance. Every minute of every day, we will strive to maximize your safety as well as each student’s safety, without minimizing your effectiveness as an educator.

We are all looking forward to a safe and fantastic school year.