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One opportunity can be the difference between a life that changes the world and a life unused. Undiscovered talent, unrealized potential, and unchallenged minds are all tragedies that can be averted by one opportunity. At GMC, we strive to create opportunities. Within the walls of our Junior College and Prep School, talents are discovered, potential is unlocked, and minds are challenged.

We inspire students to expand their worlds and we set them on a path to become contributing members of society.

We’ve dedicated every institutional gear and cog to students’ success, and we’re seeing the results. Over the last year, we’ve been able to raise our 3 year graduation rate, our fall-to-fall retention rate, and we’ve raised the number of degrees awarded to our students by 18 percent!

On top of that, enrollment in our online campus has grown by 48 percent. That means we’re providing educational opportunities to students in rural areas, non-traditional students, and home bound students that 20 years ago nobody would have dreamed possible.

I’m so proud of what our faculty, staff, and leadership have accomplished in such a short time because I know what’s at stake. Young people have big dreams, and a strong education is key to realizing those dreams. “That’s why we’ve signed 43 articulation agreements with top-notch colleges and universities, 39 of them with guaranteed admission, to make sure that students who start here at GMC are able to go anywhere. Start Here… Go Anywhere!”

Our dual enrollment program has grown by 300 percent, creating countless opportunities for high school students to earn college credit. This year alone, we have over 1,350 high school students who have taken on the academic challenge of our college classrooms and are doing so with great success.

GMC also enrolled 38 students in our brand new B.A.S. program. Our first ever bachelor’s degree program.

And there are moments here at GMC that can’t be measured by statistics. On Patriot Day, our prep school students chalked the campus walkways with the names of 10,000 men and women who died in the September 11 attacks and the War on Terror. Days like that don’t change the numbers on a balance sheet, but they make me proud to be part of a school that still teaches lessons about sacrifice and love of country – a school where values like duty, honor, and country will never be replaced with weaker, more convenient values that ask less of our students.

Of course, we could not have done any of this without you – we are so thankful for your generosity! From the classroom to the athletic field to our cadet corps, you’re providing opportunities that couldn’t have existed without you, and there’s no limit to how far our students might run with those opportunities. After all, curing a disease begins with a chemistry class and winning a medal of honor begins with a profound love of country, both of which can be found on our campus alongside countless other paths for the future.

And even as we celebrate the opportunities we created yesterday and today, we keep clear eyes on the ones, which together, we’ll create tomorrow.

Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV
President of Georgia Military College

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