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Ben Frankin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” For 135 years, GMC has exemplified those words, serving as a catalyst for students who came to us, many from less-than-ideal circumstances, to improve their futures.

As I reflect on that rich legacy, I’m resolute in my dedication to accelerate GMC’s most worthy investment in those who come here seeking knowledge.

Based on our accomplishments in 2013-14, we’re clearly on our way. Take a look through our classroom windows and you’ll see your Scholarship Fund investments hard at work. In one classroom, there’s Savannah Byrd, passionate about becoming a nurse so she can help improve lives. Down the hall, meet Tippar Pillow, studying for a career in special education. In the new Kidd Center, our donor-supported athletic facility that opened in 2014, you’ll find Amber Miller, a student athlete with a future career as a veterinarian or marine biologist.

These students – and so many more – couldn’t have afforded to pursue their dreams without your Scholarship Fund donations.

With your continued help, our students will soon have access to an even greater range of educational options. In Fayetteville, Ga. and Dublin, Ga., GMC will open our tenth and eleventh campuses next year, helping meet the workforce needs of each of these areas. Meanwhile, thanks to recent legislative approval, GMC will offer a four-year Bachelor of Applied Science degree, aimed at students striving to take their associates and technical degrees further. And our expanding online program connects students, both traditional and non-traditional, to a higher education from anywhere in the world.

Take a look outside our classrooms and you’ll see the dividends of your investments at work. Here you’ll find alumni, like Dr. Allan Goodrich and COL Reginald Neal, who’ve set their GMC education in motion through professional pursuits and personal good works.

Looking ahead, GMC and our faithful supporters will continue our journey together, guided by the Four Big Ideas of our Vision 2029. They are:

  • Contribute to student success
  • Think and act as one institution
  • Grow enrollments
  • Invest in GMC’s future

Even as we pursue these aggressive goals, we keep an eye ever on our classrooms. Inside are those who hold our country’s future in their hands, their faces filled with unbridled optimism for what lies ahead. As you read their stories in this report, I hope you’ll feel a strong sense of pride, content in the knowledge that your continued investment in GMC is eminently worthwhile.

Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV
President of Georgia Military College

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