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Most of you have known and faithfully supported GMC for years. You, your spouse, or your children might have attended school here. You already appreciate our quality instruction and focus on character development. You’re keenly aware that, thanks to General Boylan’s extraordinary vision, the past two decades have seen a revitalization of both the school and its mission.

So I’d like to share the perspective of a newcomer to GMC, someone who was introduced to this institution only recently.

My first impression of GMC, even before accepting my current position, was the caliber of its people. The faculty and staff: intelligent, dynamic, dedicated. The students: bright, enthusiastic, determined to put their lives on a positive track. And our supporters: generous, fiercely loyal, amazing. This wasn’t just any college, I realized; it truly did represent a gateway to the future.

It was those initial impressions that fueled my desire to become a part of this great school. Once here, my team and I took a deeper look, analyzing both the school’s strengths and opportunities. Our strengths are many, from open admission and online programs, to fiscal stability and master facilities planning, to innovative teaching styles and student engagement.

Our opportunities are also many: increasing graduation and transfer rates, enhancing our joint enrollment program, promoting our reputation more widely and collaborating with other like-minded institutions. Of special interest to me is the opportunity to fortify our scholarship program, making GMC’s academic vibrancy even more accessible to hardworking students across Georgia and worldwide.

This year, 2014 marks GMC’s 135th anniversary. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the rich substrate of our foundation, appreciate the value of our recent renaissance and refine the important details of our future view. In 2029, as we mark our 150th anniversary, what will our students and faculty need from us? What perspective do we want newcomers to GMC to have? How will we make it all happen?

The answers, which we’re now tackling, will bring today’s preliminary vision into sharper focus. As we work toward our goals, I thank you for helping bring that vision – past, present, and future – to life.

Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV
President of Georgia Military College

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